How to make a 3D flower using paper quilling

Start by making 5 tight coils. Depending on the thickness of the paper that you are using, you will end up with different sized tight coils and therefore petals of the flower. 

Once the coil is formed, use your fingers to gently poke out the center of the petal – be very gentle as you do not want to undo the coil.  You are just looking for a tiny bump to form in the middle of the coil. 

Then, press the two ends together to form a 3D marquis shape.  Place the concave side of the petal down on your non stick surface and place the petals in a circle to form a flower. 

This time, you will wait until the glue is completely dried before turning the flower over and placing a tight coil using a complementary color as the center of the flower.

There you have it.  You have created your very first 3 D flower using paper quilling.

You can make larger 3D flowers by sticking two strips of paper together to form larger petals.  I like using different color paper stuck together to make this flower.

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