How to make indents for eyes for a crochet doll.

Make the head of the doll.

Mark where you want the eyes to be.

Take a needle with a long strand of yard of the same skin color.

Take the needle from the back of the head and pull it through the head coming out in your first marked “eye”. Don’t pull the whole strand of yarn through.  Keep a long tail in the back of the head.

Make a small stitch and bring it out the other marked spot.

Make a small stich and bring it out the back of the head.

Now, you will have two long strands of yarn coming out from the back of the head.

Pull the yarns together and adjust how much indentation you want. Once you are happy with your indentation, make a knot with the strands of yarn and weave it in the head.  It will be covered with hair

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