How to add hair to the RBG doll

 Cut about 50 strands of yarn for the hair about 12 inches long

Take a long strand of yarn and put it through a tapestry needle

Take a needle with the yarn and go through the head going from behind one ear and coming out behind the other.  Make sure not to pull the entire yarn through and leave a long strand as you will need this to tie the hair at the end

Take 2 strands of yarn and place on the head.  Using the needle, go around the strands and secure them with a stitch.  Continue in this manner until you get to the beginning strand of yarn (behind the first ear).


Secure the hair by tying a knot using the strand on the needle and the one hanging from behind the first ear.  The stitches that you have formed will give you 2 layers of hair.  Lift the hair and place Elmers glue on the scalp

Place the bottom layer of hair only on the glue and secure it. Once dry, cut the bottom layer of hair only to the end of the scalp.

Now bring the top layer on top of the already secured bottom layer and form it into a bun using the one of the hair strands

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