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Today is national health/national walking day.  I love to walk, and it is my most fun way of getting some exercise in my day. I love practicing mindfulness when I go for walks. Studies have shown that mindful walking has many benefits such as a reduction in blood pressure and heartrate.  Mindful walking creates feelings of wellbeing, provide better sleep, can improve mood and manage stress.

What is mindful walking?

Mindful walking is being aware of each step and each breath that we take while walking.  This can be done anywhere- in a park, around a parking lot during your lunch hour or between business meetings.  While walking notice the sensation of your feet as they touch the ground, notice how it feels to take a step and be aware of the sensation that you feel in your feet.  Be aware of the temperature or the wind around you. The goal is to pay attention and find a pace that places you at ease.

During this challenging pandemic times, we are all bound to feel stressed out.  For the sake of our mental and physical health let us all commit to practicing mindful walking starting today, the national health and walking day.

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Please leave a comment below on if you practice mindfulness and how it has helped you.

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