Difference between crocheting and knitting

While both knitting and crocheting create beautiful works of art, they are very different. Both forms of art engage the creator in the meditative act of repetitive stitching which is relaxing and mentally stimulating.

Here are 3 differences between these two forms of art:

  1. Knitting uses a pair of long needles while crocheting uses one hook.

Knitting needles come in different shapes and sizes depending on the project that you want to crate.  For instance, smaller needles are perfect for making delicate items like baby socks while larger needles are ideal for making larger projects like blankets.  Circular needles are good for knitting in rounds such as creating cowls and hats.

circular knitting needle

Crochet hooks also come in different sizes.  The choice of hook size will depend on the weight of the yarn that you are using as well as the desired project.  For instance a hook size B1-E/4 is suitable for fine yarn for baby accessories while anything greater than that is better for larger items like sweaters and afghans.

  • The stich that is created is different in appearance

In knitting the stitches form a “V” shape whereas crocheting creates more of a knot to create products.

Knit V stitch
  • Ease and portability.

In knitting, you create the work by making a set of loops and transferring them from one needle to another. The stitches are held on to the work.  So, if you only have one set of needles, you cannot make 2 projects simultaneously.

Crocheting on the other hand uses the hook to create knots to form your project and thus it can stand alone.  You can use the same hook to create multiple projects at the same time.

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