Advantages of using cotton yarn for your crochet projects

People always ask me why I like to use cotton yarn for some of my crochet projects, so I thought that I would write this short blog to go over my reasons of using cotton yarn for certain crochet projects.

How is cotton yarn made?

Cotton fiber that is used to make yarn, starts off as a soft, fluffy case around the seeds of cotton plants.  These plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Cotton yarn is strong, durable and machine washable.  People always wonder if cotton yarn is soft. Cotton yarn starts out soft and becomes softer with frequent washing making it perfect for accessories such as baby blankets and lovelies. 

Cotton baby blankets
  • Cotton is great for absorbing water thus making it perfect for projects like dishcloths and drink cozies. Some of the yarns that are excellent for these projects include the Lily sugar n’ cream, the lion brand 24/7 and my favorite, the Big twist cotton.
Cotton drink cozies
  • Cotton yarn is perfect for summer accessories because it is breathable and light weight and therefore comfortable to have it close to your body. Crochet hats are not only trendy but also comfortable to wear in the summer months. Because cotton is composed of an organic compound known as cellulose, it will actively conduct heat away from the body and thus makes it ideal to wear it in the summer months.
Cotton bucket hats
  • Cotton yarn does not pill thus making it hold well together and make your work appear neat and well defined.

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