Which crochet hooks to use with what yarn

So now you have decided to learn how to crochet- because it is an awesome hobby!. One of the first questions people have when starting crocheting is, which hook size to use with which yarn.

The size of crochet hook you use depends on the type of project that you are planning to make and the yarn that you will be using.

Yarn comes in different “weights” which refers to its thickness. The size ranges from lace which is a size zero to jumbo which is a size 7. Different yarns are more suitable for creating different projects.

Here is a handy chart to use

Type of yarnProject ideas/ yarn in the marketCrochet hook sizes
Lace – weight 0Thread -Doilies, table runners- anything with very fine, intricate work2.25mm
Super fine- weitht 1Fine intricate work, baby clothes, socks2.25mm – 3.5mm
Fine- size 2This is the sport baby yarn and is good for baby clothes/blankets3.5mm -4.5mm
Light yarn -size 3This is the DK or light worsted yarn- for blankets and other appearal4.5mm-5.5mm
Medium -size 4Commonly known as worsted yarn.  Good for afghans.  Known in the market as worsted, afghan or aran4.5mm-5.5mm
Bulky- size 5Called Bulky.  Good for larger projects or winter hats.  Types include, chunky, craft and rug6.5mm- 9mm
Super bulky – size 6Types of super bulky yarns include super bulky and roving.  Great for rugs and other large projects9mm-15mm
JumboThe thickest yarn on the market- best for large projects15mm and larger

Finally, you can use any hook with any type of yarn but the results will be dramatically different.  For instance, if you use a larger hook size with a thinner yarn, you will get a much more “open” appearance than if you use a smaller hook.

Happy crocheting!

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