Free crochet pattern for a double layer flower

Click here to learn how to make all the basic stitches in crochet.

click below for a FREE downloadable guide that you can print and use as a reference for all the basic stitches used in crochet.

Start with forming a magic circle.  Ch 2 (this ch 2 is called a turning chain and will NOT be counted in the total number of stitches)

Round 1- hdc 12X in the MC.  Sl st. ch 2 = 12 hdc

Round 2: 2 Hdc in each the front loop of previous  hdc = total 24 hdc

Note: all the stiches that are listed in the parenthesis (.  ), will be made in the same hdc from round 2.

Attach petal color and ch 2 (2 hdc, 2 dc, 1 tr, ch 2, sl st in first ch , 2 dc, 2 hdc) sl st 2- repeat this around 8X = 8 petals and 16 sl st

Cut yarn and weave in ends. you can stop here for a single layer flower or you can choose to continue for a double layer flower

Turn your flower around.

Attach the yarn in the back loop from round 2

Create petals as above making sure that they are in between the first layer petals

you can use this applique as an accent on your crochet projects such as hats and blankets.

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