Why crochet dishcloths?

One of the questions I got when I started selling crocheted dishcloths in my ARterey store was, why would you crochet dishcloths? Why would you use crocheted dishcloths and whether or not crocheted dishcloths were good to use.

So, I decided to write this blog to address these questions.

First, let’s address why crochet dishcloths

  • Crocheted dishcloths are a fun and easy project for any beginner crocheter or an avid crocheter who would like something simple to make.
  • You can use colors that would fit your kitchen décor.
  • There are tons of patterns available online to make your own dishcloths. My free pattern is included at the end of this blog

Why use crocheted dishcloths and are they good to use

  • The texture of the crochet stich is ideal to clean counters without scratching your surfaces.
  • They are reusable so you are being kind to planet earth
  • They can be washed easily in the washing machine and hung to dry
  • You can color code them for your home to keep them separated – e.g. Pink for the bathroom, tan for the kitchen etc.

What are crocheted dishcloths used for

  • Face washing – no more disposable facial scrubies
  • Bathing – no more disposable loofas!
  • Drying dishes
  • Cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces
  • Washing dishes

What yarn and hook to use to make your own crocheted dishcloths

  • While you can literally use any yarn you want to, the most absorbent yarn for dishcloths would be 100% cotton yarn
  • The Lily sugar ‘n cream yarn is 100% cotton and comes in tons of gorgeous colors. You can click here to buy the yarn /www.amazon.com/sugar-spice-yarn/s?k=sugar+and+spice+yarn
  • A size 4.25mm hook will be perfect for a nice tight stich for this yarn.

What is the best crochet stitch for making a good dishcloth?

Anything that has texture will be great.  Something with bobbles, puff stitch or alternating stitches would be absorbent and god for this project

What is a good size for a dishcloth

Well, it is all up to you.  You can make something smaller ones for facial scrubbies or larger ones for use in. the kitchen.  The choice is yours.  A common average size is around 8” X8 “

So, if you have been inspired to make your own dishcloths, here is a my free pattern to get you started.

If you are not a crocheter but would still like to purchase these adorable dishcloths, click here for my etsy store or here for my website

Here is my FREE pattern for you to get started

Please refer to this for all your stitches and feel free to print out this very helpful stich guide

For this project, you will need:

Your choice of cotton yarn – I used the sugar ‘n cream in pink, blue and tan

Hook size 4.25mm

Tapestry needle

Note: If your row ends with a sc, start the next row with a ch 2 as your turning ch.  This is NOT counted as part of your total # of stitches.  This means you make a dc in the same space as the ch 2

If your row ends with a dc, then start the next row as above with a ch 1 and sc in the same st

Ch 32

Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, dc next ch.  Alternate between sc and dc until the end.  You will end with a sc.  Ch 2

Row 2: dc in the same space as ch2, sc In the previous dc, dc in the previous sc.  Continue this until the end.  You will end with a dc.  Ch1

Alternate rows one and 2 until you reach your desired size.

End. Weave in ends using tapestry needle

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