What crochet items sell best

You have been told you are an awesome crocheter.  You have also been told that you should sell your products.

So, you start selling some of your beautiful, handmade products to your friends and family who rave about your talent and your handiwork.  Finally, you decide, to start your own business and sell your items to the public.

But the question that is on your mind is what crochet items will sell the best?

Here are five crochet products that have been known to sell well

  1. Crochet patterns – if you are an advanced crocheter, selling patterns is the easiest way to make passive income.  Ok – not completely passive as it takes a lot of time and effort to create the simplest of patterns. You put in a lot of work initially when you create a pattern.  But once it is posted, you don’t have much to do except answer specific questions your customers have.
check out the free crochet patterns on this blog
  • Trendy, wearable products – hats, scarves, scrunchies, kerchiefs – are all quick to make making them inexpensive and thus purchasable by many.  Make sure that you use trendy patterns while making these products for them to be desirable by your customers.
boho scrunchie scarf
  • Amigurumi- from tiny cute little keychains to adorable stuffed animals, amigurumi products make wonderful gifts for people of all ages.  Furthermore, because you and literally make any creatures using this wonderful form for art, you can make your products very customizable
Rustic farmhouse fox pumpkin
  • Custom blankets – blankets make a wonderful, long-term keepsakes for a new baby and thus makes a great baby shower gift.  Consider customizing your blanket by embroidering the baby’s initials on it to make it unique and special.
baby afghan with large cat applique
  • Baby wear– new parents and grandparents are always interested in homemade, excellent quality clothing for babies. To make it more desirable to parents, make sure to use the best quality, soft, hypo-allergenic yarn when designing products for little ones.
Boho crochet baby jacket and matching booties
Crochet items that sell wellExamples of items
Crochet patternsHats, dishcloths, face scrubbies, amigurumi, scarves
Trendy wearableHats, scarves, bikini tops, tops, dresses, sweaters, cardigans
AmigurumiCats, dogs, bee, toad stool, frog… anything you want
Custom blanketsAfghans, lapghans, small baby car seat covers
Baby wearHats, sweaters, overalls, booties

Hopefully you found this blog helpful.  Remember, when you love to crochet as much as I do, it will show in the products that you make.

Keep crocheting and have fun 

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