26 weeks – two panels a week – one awesome project!

Join me as we go on an adventure to create the most amazing baby afghan.

Each week, I will provide you with a free crochet pattern for an applique with the letters of the alphabet.  I will also provide you with instructions to creating the alphabet letter.

Every Wednesday you will make the applique for that week.  You will then attach the applique to the blocks that you have made earlier that week.  You will also make the letter of the week and attach that to one of the blocks that you have made earlier. 

We will continue in this manner until we have finished making 26 image blocks and 26 letter blocks.

Then, we will attach all the blocks to create an amazing, large, beautiful afghan for someone you love!

All it takes it two panels a week!!

Let’s get started.

Here is the free pattern to the base block that we will be using each week.

You will need a total of 52 of these blocks.

For the block, you will need The hook nook small stuff 3 in white and black.

4.00 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Contrasting color to make an edge to the block

Note: each row will begin with a ch2.  This is your turning chain and will NOT be counted as part of the total # of stitches. For a tutorial on this visit https://arterey.net/index.php/2021/07/18/why-does-my-crochet-work-get-smaller-as-i-work/

With white

Ch 22

Row 1 – hdc in the second ch from hook and each ch thereafter. Ch 2 turn

Row 2- 14 – hdc in each hdc.  Ch 2. Turn.


Attach black.

ch 2 and 2 hdc in the first st.

hdc 19 until the next corner.

3 hdc in the corner

Evenly hdc 13 stitches going down.

3 hdc in the corner.

19 hdc

3 hdc in the corner and 13 hdc going back to the beginning. Sl st to the initial ch 2. END.

Let’s begin this journey!!!

happy crochetting!

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