Week 1

Letter A

Applique – Apple

Welcome to week 1 of the 26 weeks- 2 panels a week – 1 awesome project

The letter of the week is A and the applique is an apple. Below, you will find free patterns for both the letter and the applique. Make your letter and applique and attach them to the blocks that we discussed last week. click here for a free pattern of the block.

For the apple, you will need

Caron simply soft red yarn

4.25 mm crochet hook

Caron simply soft green yarn

Tapestry needle

MC – ch 2

Round 1- 10 hdc in MC – ch 2

Round 2 – 2 hdc in each dc – ch 2= 20hdc

Round 3- (2hdc, hdc)X10 – 30 hdc

Round 4- sl st 2, dc in 13 dc, sl st 2, dc in last 13 dc- sl st.

Cut off red yarn

Attach green yarn to make leaves

Ch 5

Sl st 2nd ch from hook, sc, hdc, dc, sl st on to the beginning of the leaf

You will now be working on the other side of the ch 4
Dc, hdc, sc ,sl st, sl st.  cut and weave in ends
Letter A
Ch 20
Sc in the second ch 6 more ch. Sc tog X3- sc in the last 3 ch. End.

Sc in the second ch from hook and the 3 chains following.  Cut end.
Place the two pieces of the letter A on your block and hold it with a pin.

Using a tapestry needle, attach the letter to the block tucking the cut strands of yarn into your work.

Way to go!! 2 panels done. 50 more to go! you can do it!!

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