How to crochet a simple granny square

Granny squares can be simple or incredibly intricate and can be used to make afghans or blankets of all different colors and sizes. Because of their versatility, granny squares are a great way to make your very first crochet afghan or baby blanket.

Here is FREE crochet pattern on how to make a simple granny square. You can make these in different colors and join them with a tapestry needle in order to make your crochet blanket. If you are planning to use different colors for your blanket, make sure that the last row of each of the blocks is the same. This will ensure a neat look and won’t show the joining stitches when you join the blocks together.

For this granny square, you will need your choice of yarn and appropriate crochet hook. You will need a tapestry needle to sew the squares together at the end or you can join them using slip stitches. I am using Premier everyday anti pilling yarn medium (4) with a size 5 mm hook.

Granny square

Begin with MC- click here for a step to step tutorial on how to make this

Round 1 – ch2 (counts as one hdc) 2 hdc (cluster 1), ch3 , (3hdc, ch3) X3. sl st in to the top of the first ch 3.

Round 2 – sl st in the 2 hdc until the ch 3 space. ch 2 (counts as first hdc, 2 more hdc) – ch 3 – 3 hdc (corner 1) – (3 hdc – ch3 3 hdc) in the next ch 3 space. Repeat this in all the ch 3 spaces. sl st in the top of the first ch of ch 3. Cinch the MC close

Round 3 – sl st in the 2 hdc until the ch 3 space. ch 2 (counts as first hdc, 2 more hdc) – ch 3 – 3 hdc (corner 1) – *(hdc in the 2 hdc) hdc in the space 1 –(hdc in the 2 hdc)-3hdc – ch 3 – 3 hdc (corner 1) in the next ch 3 space*. continue from * to * until the end. sl st to the top of ch 3.

Round 4- ch 2 (counts as hdc), hdc until the corner – (3hdc – ch 3 – 3 hdc) hdc 10* hdc in each hdc and(3hdc – ch 3 – 3 hdc)in each corner. sl st top of initial ch 3

until here, my square measures 4″ X4 “

Continue in this manner depending on how large you want each square to be. – with an hdc in each hdc and a(3hdc – ch 3 – 3 hdc) in each of the corners.

Fasten and weave in ends.

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