Letter G, applique Giraffe

Letter G

Applique – Giraffe

For the Giraffe, you will need

Caron simply soft yellow yarn

4.25 mm crochet hook

Caron simply soft brown yarn

Tapestry needle

White and black floss

Giraffe head – with yellow

MC – ch 2

Round 1- 10 hdc in MC . sl st ch 2 = 10 hdc

Round 2 – 2 hdc in each dc –  sl st ch 2= 20hdc

Round 3- (2hdc, hdc)X10 – ch2 sl st. 30 hdc

Round 4- hdc in the same hdc as ch 2 and the next 4 hdc – 10 hdc – 5 dc – 10 hdc. Sl st. = 30 st

Fasten.  Leave long strand to attach to block

Ears – with yellow

Attach yellow on one side of the group of 5 dc on the top of the head. Ch 2 and puff in the same st.  sl st in all the dc across.  Make the second ear with a puff stich at the end of the group of 5 dc on the top.


Weave in ends.

Antlers – with brown – make 2

Chain 6

Make 4 sc in the second ch from the hook.  Sc to the end of the ch 6.



Round 1 : sc 8. Sl st. ch2 = 8sc

Round 2: dc in the same sp as ch2, dc, 2 X hdc, 2 Xdc, 2X hdc. Sl st. = 18 stitches

Fasten. Leave long strand to attach to the head.

Spots – make as many as you want


Round 1 : sc 8 in the MC. Sl st. = 8 sc.

Fasten.  Leave long strand for sewing.

Putting it all together

Attach muzzle to the bottom of the face

Add the spots

Embroider eyes and nostrils with embroider yarn (see pic)

For the Letter G

Chain 20

Round 1- hdc in the 3rd ch from the hook and 4 more ch

            (Hdc inc)X8, hdc in the last 5 ch.  Fasten.

Attach yarn to the opposite side of the original ch 20. Sc2


Sc in the second ch from ch 2 and in the 2 sc = 3 sc.

Fasten.  Attach to block weaving in the strands and shaping the letter.

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