Why crochet curls?


One of the questions that beginner crocheter ask when starting out the hobby is, “why does my crochet work curl?”

First and foremost, remember, you are not alone.  This has happened to all of us and thus necessitated this blog.

Here is the trouble shooting guide to why your crochet curls

You are inadvertently adding more stitches than called for in your initial work

To help with this, be diligent about counting your stiches when you first start out.  This will not only help you with your work but is very meditative.

Make sure that when you start your work you have a turning chain.  A turning chain at the beginning of the work is NOT counted in total number of stitches and will help with the evenness of your work.  Check out my blog here for a thorough description on turning chains.Make sure that your tension is even throughout your work

To help with this, use the same size of hook and type of yarn throughout the project.

Keep your arms rested on a cushion while you crochet.

Remind yourself to ease up on your tension as you work.

If your work curls despite following these cues, then you can fix your work by “blocking” your work.  Do this by washing your item on a gentle cycle and while it is still damp, stretching it to the desired size and laying it flat to dry.

Hope these simple ideas helped you answer this dreaded question.

Happy crocheting !!

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