Letter I, Applique Ice-cream cone

For the applique, you will need:

Caron simply in pink and brown

4.00 mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Ice cream

With pink


Round 1 – hdc 10 in the MC.  Sl st. ch2 = 10 hdc

Round 2 – in the BL only (hdc inc)X10 . sl st. ch2 = 20 hdc

Round 3- in the BL only (hdc inc) X17, sl st in the next 6. Fasten


With brown

Ch 3

Row 1 – dc in the first ch. Turn ch 2 = 1

Row 2 – dc inc. turn, ch 2 =2

Row 3- dc inc, dc.  Turn ch 2= 3

Row 4 – dc inc, 2 dc. Turn.  = 4

Sc evenly 8 X going diagonally down the cone, sc 1 at the tip of the cone and sc evenly 8X going up the cone.  Fasten end

Secure the two pieces on the block and fasten using a tapestry needle


Make 1

Ch 12 – hdc in the second ch and 9 more ch. End fasten

Make 1

Using a tapestry needle, sew the letter on to the block.

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